MUA Luxe Lip Lacquer Halcyon & Tranquillity // Lime Crime Velvetines Dupe


I have recently been looking into the Lime Crime Lip velvtines (I've purchased 'riot' and plan to do a review for  it later) and saw that MUA have been doing a dupe of them FOR ONLY £3!!! so I got my ass down to my nearest super drug and got two.



And here they are compared (darker one is Halcyon)

Quick review is that they are VERY THICK kinda like putting clay on your lips they will not budge, they dry matte WHICH I LOVE, the colour looks kinda strange when shiny but when they dry they look amazing! So don't judge as soon as you put it on. Overall for three squid I can't complain! Well done MUA!

Here is me wearing Halcyon out and about 

Happy Easter! 


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