Puma Suede // Burnt Olive


Suede is a fabric that has made a comeback, as a staple '70's' item its no surprise that suede is now back into our stores. SO why not spice up my wardrobe with so suede! I decided to go for some Puma suede because I like the look of the trainer and its suede! Incorporating my love of comfortable footwear with some 70's love.

I went for a dark green /khaki (or olive as it says on the box) colour because I think that this colour could go with a lottttt of things and I am really loving husky/burnt colours (do not think that is the right way to describe it but do you kind of get what I a getting at) like dark green, burnt orange, blue and beige and camel colours.
Got to get the scenery perfect for these pic SON

This is an outfit that I wore the trainers with (please excuse the broken mirror) I think it is nicely 70's with out over killing it

Legging; river island 
tank top; H&M
Jacket; Ebay (YASSS EBAY)

So yeah thats my new obsession and am debating on buying another load of them in loads of colours so STAY TUNED MY FRIENDS LOVE YOU LOADS X


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