Shoes of the Summer // Trends 15'


When It comes to shoes I will admit I am addicted, and as I put away my winter boots *sob* I can now introduce some summer shoooooeess!

Aren't They just beautiful...

Gladiator sandals can come in (mostly) two lengths- I recommend buying both because why not, but then again I am a shoppaholic so if you are strapped like cash (which it me like two days after I get paid) I recommend buying the regular ones, they go with everything and TRUST ME you don't even want to attempt trying to get jeans over knee length gladiator sandals.

Embrace your inner Kylie Jenner and get them lace ups

When I wear these I feel that I am transported back to the 90's, a current trend I am noticing is revealing a little toe! Note to self. New motto for summer, suns out toes out.

Stan Smiths, Superstars, Slip ons and Suedes. All the S trainers I need for summer.


I hope this was edutaning (educational and entertaining) for you ALL AND I LOVE YOU YES YOU


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