Waist Trainer Experience // Before & After


One phrase that I hold close to my heart is 'don't knock it till you try it' so after seeing Khloe Kardashian flaunting her waist trainer on Instagram I thought why not? 
To be honest my waist and hips has always been a cause for concern to me so I was curious to see how it worked. 


Do not do anything I say, I am not a doctor. I know nothing about waist trainers this is just my personal experience. Yes granted I probably should of googled it before but I am lazy okay? Also I got my waist trainer for 10 quid off eBay I recommend you get a proper one.

So this is before... (side note I haven't edited or tried to fancy up these photos... I am trying to be real with you guys) 

Stop judging. I am in my pjs. 

 And here is my waist trainer...

So I have been wearing my waist trainer for a little over a week now and yeah I'm not going to lie, it does hurt. It digs into you and makes you wanna cry little but look at the results!

Now I know that I am pretty sure that anything that does something like that to your body with in that small amount of time frame is probably bad for you and I have heard on the internet that waist trainers are a bit unreliable as you ping back to your normal size in a couple of days so please do your research. 

The schedule I followed was the first day I done it for about four hours before I had a break and left it, then for the following day I did three hours, stopped for a break and then continued for another two hours. Since then I've been doing it for about six hours at a time I don't know weather this is a good or bad way of wearing a waist trainer but all I do know is that it when it gets uncomfortable I take it off that's a no-brainer. So I hope that you are a little bit inspired I was for one was very impressed at the results, I didn't wanna spend ridiculous amounts of money on a bit of fabric but I'm now looking into getting one of the most expensive ones after this month but will just have to wait and I promise to keep you updated! 


P.s I am not sponsored by any waist trainers ( I wish!). I tried to give both the good and bad sides to the story! My english teacher would be proud and I recommend just to be on the safe side if you are unsure talk to a doctor! They know whats good for your body! I am just some freak on the internet xxxxx

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