Bath Essentials Expensive and Cheap Alternatives // Daily Blogging #10


A bath is sacred time in my opinion there is nothing quite like it. Its the time to just lay there and soak  in all the goodness and you just feel a million times better coming out of the tub all glowing and clean. ITS THE BEST.

The Bubbles 

Ted Baker - Bubble bath 
This was a gift for doing some work at a magazine, not necessarily something I would splash out for myself as it on the pricer side (well £12- but for someone on minimum wage that a lot for soap). As a bubble bath its great smells gooooooddd and makes a bath extra bubbly!

Sugar Crush, Body Wash 
This is honestly the best product ever! It may be the cheapest one but it SMELLS SO GOOD YASSSSSSSS YAS, Soap and Glory really know how to make a good body wash as this one smells of limes and sugar, yes an odd combination but it works so well! I am just praying now that they bring out a body lotion version!

face masks 

Sephora sheet mask is the bomb! I am a lover of sheet masks and this one is amazing and mess free thank god, does make you look like a serial killer though not going to lie.

Super drug face masks are also great I brought a self heating one vanilla fudge one (YUM) and rubbed it all over my shoulders as well, like a massage in a packet!

Gossip Girl has left a huge hole in my heart, but soon to be replaced with PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! I have heard so much hype about this and I look forward to watching it!


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