Faux Mac Satin Lipstick // Daily Blogging #17


Does it still count as daily blogging if I am posting this at 1:26am at night? I am going with yes as I haven't gone to bed yet

I have joined the band wagon and purchased the Faux satin lipstick and I am lovvingggg itttt. You can't fight MAC on the quality of their lipsticks, they are so creamy even in winter I don't mind slapping on the lipstick!

It is a nice pinky colour that is totes Kylie Jenner, and as she is currently the king of everything of course I am going to buy it! 


I am currently chilling' in bed vibing to Big Sean's album, little fact about me is that I am a lover of hip hop and rap music (surprised?) I love Kanye and Drake and everyone my current fav's are Chance the rapper (I saw him earlier this year and it was sooo good ), Kendrick and Vic Mensa <3

Hope you Monday wasn't crap like most Mondays are!


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