Rainy Day Outfit, Autumn Style & Outfit Inspiration // Daily Blogging #12


The thing you need to take into consideration when you live in England and are planning outfits is that the weather is not your friend. You might of planned the cutest outfit but does the rain care about that NO. So you are forced to wear old jeans and your brothers top to battle the cold. I speak from experience.

Boots: H&M
Jeans: Forever 21
T-shirt: Well its my brothers but I am guessing he got it from the San Fransisco Giants
Coat: River Island

I had a very traumatic experience with an umbrella today, you know the embarrassment/fear you feel when the wind blows your umbrella inside out? Well multiply that by a million and you might of felt like I did when the wind blow my umbrella off the handle where it flew into a child and knocked him sideways. I WAS HORRIFIED.  All I could do was apologies a million times and proceed to run for the train umbrella-less.

It was not a good day today.


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