Balayage Hair Inspiration - Pictures // Daily Blogging #16


Its time for a new hair.

For those of you don't know, my hair isn't my hair.

Well I mean technically it is. I paid for it, but it is keratin tip hair extensions and it has got to the point where they need a little re-vamp, so I am going to them redone but then I was thinking I need MORE so what about going blonde? But I don't know if I can commit to dyeing my whole head blonde SO I am thinking maybe leave the top bit brown?

Dunno know though I am scared 

So who has been watching I am a celeb?! I am in LOVE with Lady C, I reckon thats how I am going to be in like 60 years. I have to give her props for powering through that eating challenge like a BOSS. Fair play Lady C. 


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