Cellulite Removing & Reducing Cream // Nivea & Fat Girl Slim & D.I.Y // Daily Blogging #17


Like the other billions of other people in the world I have cellulite, its a normal thing people. Even Kim Kardashian, queen of pop culture has cellulite soooooo yeah. But it is something that I am a bit conscience of not going to lie, so I have invested in some cream's that help get rid of my orange peel bum,

My two fav creams are the Nivea body firming lotion and the fat girl slim cellulite reducing cream (not a big fan of the name of that one but it does the job). Available at all good boots stores I am sure! 

Also if you are like 'I want to smooth out my butt but I am poor', then say no more! Rub some coffee grounds on you ass and it has the same effect 

Now I am not saying that cellulite is something that NEEDS TO BE REMOVED NOW. But if it makes you feel more confident then by all means! But if you are like 'you know what my ass is bomb af the way it is' then carry on, you lucky devil ;)))))))

Blooming nora Christmas is on is coming along quickly, praise jesus that I have managed to get a pay rise just in time so now I won't be hand making my gifts this year, sorry mum I know how much you were looking forward to having that homemade photo frame!


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