Styling Portfolio Work // Grundy Outfits Mens // Daily Blogging #13


So for those of you don't know I am currently a Fashion Stylist *in training* so I have to put together shoots and what not from time to time so I thought I would share this with you!


The idea behind this was that it is unclean and unkept, grungy kids who don't give a flying hoot. I shoot these photos on a disposable camera to kept with the 'grudgy' feel! 

I hope you think they are as groovey as I do! 

I had a outfit planned today but I spilt food down my top so I could do a OOTD :( sad times 

Also as I am writing this the events of Paris has just happened, I hope that all my Parisian readers are okay and that my thoughts are with your city I will do a post on this later  xx


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