Winter Style & Outfit Inspiration // November Blogging #21


Sooooo.... hi.

I know, I know don't kill me but I just took some r&r for a lil' bit, I had so much college work to do and I didn't have the foggest idea what to post but I AM BACCKKKKKK

Heres what I wore today 

10/10 photography

SO today I went for a classic black on black, but for a top I had a ballet sports top on from new look, with the classic ripped knee jeans from asos and the classic Stan smiths. A very classic day!
I also have this beautiful coat from topshop! £89 well spent in my mind! 

So yeah! I am back I had my much needed rest and I am ready to get back in the swing of things!


I think this might be the earliest I have ever updated my blog! It is currently 10:39 pm and I am super sleepy so bed time for me, nighty night xxxx


(lot of '!' in this post, I am just happy to be back) 

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