Concert Outfit // Kehlani // Christmas Blogging #8


For those of you who are unaware one of my fav artist got nominated for a grammy, Kehlani the ultimate babe I went to go see her live last night and it was SO AMAZING. She deserves everything She is the bomb, listen to THIS and feel the vibes, oh and THIS ONE. So good.

Anyways lets get down to why you are really here, THE OUTFITTTTT

Lol look at my eyes in this, I look like fetty wap
17 38 

Jumper is from Primark
Shirt is my brothers
Boots are from New Look!

And of course I am going to include some videos from my evening!

Why does blogger do that to videos. That blogger quality though. I am going to cry its so bad. but you can take my word for it, I was AMAZING.

So for those of you who don't know (/ care) am off to INDIA and I had my jabs so no chance of me dieing. Fingers Crossed.

I am scared.


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