Lush You've been Mangoed Bath Oil // Christmas Daily Blogging #13


Lush is known worldwide for its bathing goods, the most recent item I have tried from them is their 'you've been mangoed' bath oil, it was right by the till and only £2. It was just begging to be taken home. 

The Lush people state that 'its time to liberate your senses and try this bright oramge and green bath oil' and BOYY they weren't wrong! This thing done wonders, WONDERS I tell you for my skin. I felt baby soft and smelt amaaazzinngggggggggg   

This little baby put me RIGHT to sleep as well, but I will say the smell packs quite a punch which for me is great as I can lay back in my bath and enjoy the scents but I can imagine those of you with a sensitive nose it could be quite distracting, the scent is great though! Less mango I feel though more zesty.

This bath came at a much needed time. I have been SUPER stressed lately but *fingers crossed* everything should be done now time for me to unwind for christmas!

12 DAYS. 1  2!


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