Sport Luxe Outfit and Style Inspiration // Puma 'n' Adidas // January Blogging #4


When I awoke at half 6 this morning (I know. Ew.) and had a lookyloo and the weather outside I was disgusted. Rain. Horrendous torrential rain. There was no way I was going to be able to straighten my hair/ wear some snazzy thigh high boots, no sir. Not with weather like that.

So today I went with a more comfy approach to my outfit, with a hint of sporty spice inspiration...

I am not really showing my face today cause you know, the rain and make up are never going to work together no matter how much urban decay setting spray you put on. :( 

Hair in a pony because you know. Rain is the the devil. 

Top; puma but I purchased it from the vintage section from TOPSHOPPPP
Leggings; Adidas
Shoes; Vans

 Don't get me wrong I usually love the rain but I woke up like,

Urg I need a good cup of tea
*how bloody British all this talk of rain and tea*


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