Primark Bag July 2016 // Summer Blogin' #1


Omg I am back again...

(Dundunduundddundunnn brothers sisters every body singing) 


After what seems like an eternity, I am back to blogging! I have finished with my exams so now I can dedicate the whooooole summer to creating top quality posts *and banter*, are you excited!?

Now Primark is the place of bargains. We all know this. But what it has in terms of price, it lacks in style. Let's face it, Primark is like 96.4% crap. (Unless you have been looking for some killa' aztec print plimsoles for £2) but around once a month you strike gold and find what I like to call, The Golden Item... 
Ohhhhh so swanky....

Let me introduce my 'Golden Item' for July! A very swanky hand-bag and pom-pom accessory!
*I know that kind of means that they are 'Golden Item's' but ssshhhhhhh it ruins the aesthetic.*

So get your arty-farty appreciation glasses on (or grab a monocle if you are feeling particularly dapper) because here are some more arty shoots of my golden item.

That sounds wrong.


So Arty Man. 

I get quite oriental vibes from this bag, don't really know why (A* fashion reporting skills there).  I love the tassels, the snake skin*, the pompom URGH. I just can't right now. And you know what? This bag in total was £10.


I can't.

You can get half an ear ring for £10 in Topshop and in ol' Primak you can get a bitchin' bag! The bag itself was £7 and the pompom was £3 and Primark is the best.

So I suggest that you head down to Primark stat before all of these sell out!

*of course it is fake, as if Primark is using real snake skin. M8. 


I am using quite a lot of asterisks (*) in the post today don't I ?
Anyhow hope everyone is doing aright, I have been sloth-ing out lately and it feels GREAT. Laying in bed and eating pot noodles is my Summer'16 guys.
Honestly feels so good to be blogging again! I forgot how much I actually really enjoy it! All day I have just been like


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