✌My Favourite Make-Up Products✌


Ello Darlings!!

I love make-up honestly I have SO MUCH its ridiculous, but I wanted to show you my favourites that I swear by! (I feel like I have said ‘i’ a lot in that first sentence.) 

The first is my ‘Smokin’ Eyes, eye &brow makeover kit’ from Benefit. I take this little kit everywhere with me as when it comes to eyebrows and am hooked. When I die I want to be remembered for my eyebrow game being strong. I am a strong believer that a well groomed eyebrow can pull a whole look together so I have GOT to keep them well groomed. All day every day. 

Next it my ‘Natural collection, Sun Tint Bronzing Powder’ in golden glow. It give a subtle glow to your face that is so natural people will think that you have just be causally lying by a pool, instead of hiding in your room with you laptop.

My next product is not necessary make up but it is something I stand by, it is my ‘Travalo’ which is a on the go perfume holder (that is the best way I could describe it!) Basically it holds a small sample of your favourite perfume so you can have it on the go with out carrying a big ol’ perfume bottle with you. Totes handy. 

The kohl liner that I stand by and is by far my favourite is the ‘Maybelline Master Drama Kohl Liner’. I have tried all different types of kohl liners from Mac to Miss Sporty but this is by far the one that stays the longest and is so pigmented, it is the bomb dot com. 

My final Product is I think the most expensive but is the product I literally could NOT live without, it is the ‘Clinique Pore Refining Primer’ and words can not justify its wonders. 

Well that is it for another day! 


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