♕Vanessa Hudgens//Queen Of Coachella♕


Ello Suger Plums ! 

Another Style icon for you Vanessa Hudgens! 

Ever since High School Musical I  have adored Vanessa, Especially most recent style of  her boohoo mixed with punk that I just DIE for! The outfits she is most recently known for is her Coachella looks Which in my opinion just blow everyone else into the weeds. 

She mixed bright colours with a bohemian/gypsy style dresses on two occasions and went barefoot on another, if that isn't fashion dedication then I don't know what is! All the while she carried around a fan which gave all her outfits a chic edge. She also had another accessory that I am SO envious of- Her Boyfriend.

It's not only Vanessa's style I envy with a passion, she also had a 'rocking body' which after researching in great lengths her exorcise routine has consequently made me book five yoga classes. Not only that, after seeing Vanessa sporting new beachy, Blondie locks at Coachella I have cried into my cereal on two occasions. *sigh*

Maybe some day! 

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