☠ OOTD // Mini Primark Haul July 2014 ☠


Todays blog post is going to be a Longer-then-before-but-not-to-long post, I feel like I have just been writing very short posts recently so I’m going to try change that today. 

Today I went to town determined to find some nice things in Primark for less then £15, (I have zero money because I spent it all when I was on holiday~oops). 

This is what I wore, some dirty white converse with a white crop top from River Island and some VERY pale pink chino/cigarette trousers from H&M. Very pale theme to my outfit today.

So with Costa in hand I entered Primark. Primark scares me. There is people everywhere fighting for the best deals and I feel like I need to sit in the conner and fight for air. But its the best thing ever. So after half an hour and taking into consideration the rise of Primark prices and the fall the content of my purse over the past month I am pretty happy with my purchases! 

I got a really pretty pale pink (I’m in a pink mood) small satchel-type bag. As this bag is quite small it will force me to carry only the essentials when I leave the house and because of that this bag is perfect and it was £8 BARGIN!

The other thing I brought was a summery sleeping set/knickers I thought this was so cute and for £4 I needed to get it! 

I also saw, but sadly did not buy, some fake timberland boots for £15! which next time I go to Primark I will get!!! I love that fact that Primark do fakes of so many things it just makes me so happy especially with winter coming up! 

And thats pretty much it for today, See you’s later!


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