☢ The Lazy Day Tag ! ☢


I thought I would share with you lovely people of the internet a bit of what I do on my lazy days, which is like everyday now that it is summer! 

What is your lazy day skincare routine? 

I give my face some lovin’ on my lazy days so I usually use a face mask ( my fav kind is Montagne Jeunesse) and once I have cleaned that all off I put on my Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream on any imperfections! 

What is your lazy day makeup? 

On lazy days I tend not to wear any makeup I only put a little vaseline on my eyelashes to make them grow and give them a lil’ love! 

What is your lazy day hair style? 

Top knot all the time every time. 

What is your lazy day outfit?

I usually just wear a top and some sweatsssssss. 

What is your lazy day scent?

The pomergratey smell of my deodorant. 

What is your lazy day pamper routine? 

Normally on lazy days I run my self a bubble baths and to make sure I get the bubbliest of bubbles i use a LUSH product (which I have currently have run out of) and I mix it with Imperial leather’s Ocean Fresh revitalising shower gel (which I am currently running low on). 

What is your lazy day snack & drink? 

Double stuffed oreo’s with a cup of tea *drools* 

So those are my answers! 


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