♡ Dirty dancing inspired outfit // OOTD ♡


This Weekend I went to see a outside screening/picnic thingy of Dirty Dancing and honestly it was great! Picnic food and dirty dancing equals a great day out, plus the Event was sponsored by Benefit so there was loads of freebies, which of course was an extra bonus!

I decided as I am going to see dirty dancing I might as well dress with the influence of the 1950’s/60’s so I scoured the film to find an outfit that would look fashionable now but had influences of Dirty Dancing! And huzzah I found the outfit that ticked all the right boxes! 

In the picture above you can see Baby wearing white jeans with a plaid top and I was like YAS BITCH YASS. SoI tied up the bottom of the shirt and cuffed the jeans but over all almost identical outfits HURRAH! 

Overall It was a really fun night and I suggest everyone go and enjoy the great outdoors and even if you dont have the money the cinema, just have a picnic and enjoy those sunny beams! 


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