✌ Vanessa Hudgens Hair // Bob Hair Trend ✌


One of my ultimate hair crush woman is Vanessa Hudgens. In the past I have made a post about how flawless her fashion sense / boyfriend / face is and now I am shining light on to her beyond average hair. 

First let us raise up our hands and salute her Coachella 2014 mermaid hair. The classic boho-vibe that Vanessa portrays through out her whole Coachella experiences was intensified this year by her blonde goldeny mermaid hair that was long and flowey that just screamed 'boho badass comin' at ya' and I LOVE her hat.  

Her next venture was cutting all off her long locks to go for a shorter curler ombre bob, which looked PHENOMENAL, also her outfit was on point for the young hollywood award ceremony and that stomach WOW I am defiantly going to start going to the gym! 

I feel that bob / 'cutting you'r hair really short' hairstyle has become and new thing when it comes to celebrity hair, first to start the chain reaction was Miley cyrus and everyone else followed! This list includes Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lawrence and now my beloved Vanessa Hudgens! 

I feel like I would love to take the plunge and snip off all my hair into a bob but I am to chicken! Maybe someday! 


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