☯Summer Outfits Part 2!☯ 


So I have literally ‘just touched down in London town’ as I am writing this but I wanted to update as SOON as possible so here is PART TWO of my holiday outfits! Hip hip hooray! 

I shall start where I dropped off ~ Night four! 

On night four I was feeling very cosmopolitan with my white blazer and although you can’t see it I had my hair in a slicked back pony tail. Add on my shades and it looked like I was off to make business calls. On my bluetooth. 
"yeah yeah lets do lunch hunnneeeeyyy"

Night five I was having a very causal night so I wore my black playsuit from Primark (I also took a huge amount of selfies… ;) ) 

Night six I wore some high waisted scallop edged duck egg blue shorts (phewwww… that was long), with a black crop top from top shop and a lacy kimono from new look. 

The last night (as it is tradition) I wore all white, I wore a white maxi skirt from forever 21 and a white racer front crop top from River Island! 

And that is it holiday done! 

p.s pinky swear I shall update sooner :D 


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