✩ Wish List ✩


Fashion is something I love. The crap thing about loving fashion though, is that like the seasons, it changes regularly so today’s post will be my wish list, all the stuff i wanna buy but don’t have the money~ :( . 

First up is a faux fur coat, I know what you are thinking it is like 100 degrees outside why on earth would you want a coat, but in summer, coat prices drop a load so the price of this has gone from £80 to £40 which is quite a bargain- if I had £40. 

The next thing I would like is baxter jeans from Topshop, its like is boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans had a baby. I love them. 

Another item is the ‘whirl’ lipliner from mac, it is the lipliner used by Kylie Jenner and much to my dismay is out of stock. 

Sunglasses is something I wear in summer and winter (snow glare DUH!) so these ones from Top Shop will keep me chic all year~ hell yeah! 

Last but not least is something I have been craving but can not find on the Internet/in Shops/ In my mums shoes closet and that upsets me immensely. It is the Adidas superstar trainers. Just look at them. 

And thats all the things I want! better start saving those pennies!


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