Lokai Bracelet


I stumbled across this site many moons ago (gah sound like one of these hipster 'i-found-it-before-it-was-cool' people) and really like the whole concept behind the Lokai bracelets but alas I had no money so the page was added to my bookmarks and forgot about, fast forward to today I spy one of these bracelets on instagram! Now I have a job and can afford one. Huzzah! So I added to cart and wait for the postman and here it is, my Lokai bracelet

They have a really nice message at Lokai, inside the little white ball is water from Everest and In the black in mud from the dead sea so that when are on top of the world you stay humble and when you are at you lows you stay hopeful. I thought it was a nice little message.

I think that it is important to remind yourself that life is full of highs and lows, it makes me appreciate what I have whist making me want to go out and get my dreams, you feel? Its nice to have a little balance in life, mine has been so busy lately but I try and spend even five minutes to appreciate it <3


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