Tartelette By Tarte Palette Review and Dupes


I have a new obsession.

Whilst in New York ( I had a fab time thanks for asking) I made a purchase. A rather rash purchase to get this eye shadow palette and I KNOW its hella expensive ( I will link some dupes for all my smart girls that know that spending £50 ish on eyeshadow is RIDIC) but I couldn't help my self. So pretty.

This eye shadow palette is the BEES KNEES - ranging for light cream colours to purples and mauves to browns and blacks, its every single colour I am loving at the moment, plus the packaging is really cool.

The dupes~

This one is uber cheap (£3!!!!!!) and pocket sized YES

This one is slightly more expensive (£8) BUT has loadsss of colours and they are all matte, I personally own this palette and can say is super duper

Hope I have helped <3


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