Suede Boots, Flats and Jackets // SUEDE EVERYTHING


There is no secret that suede is the hottest fabric currently out there. As a result of this suede has been put on everything! Which in my mind is a very good thing!(Apart from the fact that I live in England where is rains 99.9% of the time. Suede and rain is a no-no.)

I now currently own two pairs of suede shoes

The pointer ones are from ZARA
The bootier ones are from Aliexpress (LINK)

Also I have had a slight splurge (ew that word ssppppllurgeee) and got a suede jacket from ASOS

I haven't edited these - be nice 

Yo it looks like I am not wearing a top but I am 
There I am modelling it.
Enjoys those sticking poses as I sit on my kitchen table. HIGH FASHION GURL OVER HERE.

Here is what I styled the boots and jacket with

Jacket :asos
Boots aliexpress

Suede is love. Suede is life <3


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