Halloween Costume Inspiration // Chanel Scream Queens // Daily Blogging Break



Halloween is upon us and with that comes HALLOWEEN PARTIES! In case you couldn't already tell I take halloween VERY seriously I am the queen *pun intended* of halloween!

For a party I went to last night I decided to go as Chanel from scream queens! I adore scream queens I think its so funny and cleaver and the outfits *sigh* is it bad that I want to be Chanel? Only a nicer version of course ;)

Look how awkward I am though, trying to look cool. DEAR LORD.

Picked up a faux fur jacket ages ago from eBay
Blouse form forever 21
Skirt and Shoes from New look

I am rocking some faux pearl earings and some BIG OL' SUNGLASSES

And there you go! But just in doubt pout.


For all of those you who live in the U.k Will know its half term WOOOOOO, combine that with halloween means that this week mean I won't be blogging every day *BOOOO* I know I know! but I am going to be so busy I will try do as much as I can!

I will be back to daily blogging once the week is up though! PINKY SWEAR!


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