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Hello all! I have had a nice week off, hope all of you had a good Halloween but its time to get back in the swing of things!

The real technique people have released a new (-ish I am kinda late to this) range of brushes, now I am a fan of real techniques brushes and I own all the original ones so I thought I would try them out...

The 'base' ones 

101 brush - This brush is my favourite out of the whoooleee collection, it has a unique triangular shape that is really nice for the under eyes

100 brush- ITS SO FLUFFY I AM GUNNA DIE. This powder brush is so soft I might cry a little.

The 'finishing' ones 

301 brush- These are the rose gold ones (the picture doesn't really show this) and the 301 is the contour brush, its so dense its the BUFFING KING

300 brush- I think this one is meant to be for blush but I love to use it for my highlight as it isn't as dense

The 'eye' brushes

200 brush - This is the fluffy blending brush and another firm fav of mine, I use this one every day and its great for blending or just for putting on a wash of colour 

201 brush- This is the dense one great for packing on the colour, I personally use this to contour my nose 

202 brush- Although you can't really see it in the picture (great photography there Ella) this is the liner brush now I don't use a brush for my eyeliner but this one is uber skinny so I can get colour under my bottom eyelashes 


The problem I have with these is the price, at boots they range for £20- £30 each. EACH! So I got mine off some dodgy eBay site that 'claimed' to be real, so here are my suggestions for those who are skint (like me); 

  1. Buy the 200 & 101 brushes, they are the best ones and therefore are justifiable 
  2. Take a chance and get them off eBay, I got mine for £50 for the whole set and they seem real- seem. 
  3. If you just want them for the look or you just want a cool new insta post (we have all been there) I recommend getting the fake ones on the internet for like a fiver. They will fall apart in two seconds but they look nice! 

I hope you all had a good halloween! TBH I can't really remember the week, halloween is a busy time for me! Here is me a Harley-quinn (is that how you spell it?) I AM SO HYPED FOR SUICIDE SQUAD !!!!!!!


P. S Hi ELLIE <3 

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