Club Outfit & Style Inspiration // Summer Blogin' 2016 #5


Clubbing or any time where you have to be fancy is a bit of  tricky one, the question 'am I to overdressed?" haunts me, the fear that I enter a room like 'BOOM baby' and everyone is in trainers.

Not nice.

But I feel that top and skirt can pass off as causal and dressed up! So this is what I wore when I had a mad one with meh squad last night,

My top is from Pretty Little Thing and my skirt is from New Look!
New look is really up-ing there game lately I went in to there store and there was a lot of lovely things about so I recommend that you take a wander around your local New Look!



Know what you are thinking, who goes out on a Thursday? Well Thursday night is student night in my town, CAN I GET A HOLLA FOR £1.50 VODKA COKE! So as usual we started by getting jugs at Spoon's (all the non-english people reading that sentence are like dafuck) and then made our way about the town! Great night but I am feeling it now, yucky.

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