Oriental Print High Heels // Missguided Heels // Summer Blogin' 2016 #8


To be honest I am not a fan of high-high heels.
We have all been there, your in the club, getting crunk, and thats when it hits. The Cinderella syndrome. I dunno what it is but as soon as that clock hand passes 12 then your feet are like, NOPE. The pain is HORRENDOUS. The straps become boa constrictors and the heel becomes a knife stabbing into you, (bit graphic but its the truth).


B U T. 

I have found a pair of heels that have found the balance between height and comfort and style!

These bad boys are from Missguided and are the oriental-print-strappy-sandels

These mix coolness and comfort which is great for the clubbing nights!

Here are some more pictures of these groovy shoes...

Heres me trying to get a close up  of the print ... not a great pic though 

They were about £20 which makes these shoes a triple threat <3




Ah man have I been SICK trust me to get the flu during the summer. It sucks! I can just see all my pals doing fun things like going to the beach and I am just here like

Its a hard knock liiiiiffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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