Customised Trainers // Do It Yourself // DIY Trainers // Summer 17 #2



*Insert Ru Paul pun here* 

If I were to ask my friends to describe me, ‘innovative’ might be one of the words that comes to their mind (and possibly some other words that I cant repeat). I am a DIY queen. I absolutely adore being able to make something myself or to customise it so that it is completely unique, especially within fashion. Another thing is that I am a student. So that means I am broke. Like cup-o-noddles for dinner broke. This means if there is a certain trend I want to follow then I need to get crafty with it and try and make it work from items that are already in my wardrobe. Or if I have a few coppers to spare then I might nip down to my local British Heart foundation and look at some pieces in there that I might be able to alter to make it look more modern and trendy. 

I know my first world problems are hard. 

So when I saw the latest fashion week’s that was full of interesting patterns and fabrics I knew I had to combine it with some of my pre-existing items! I wanted to jazz up some fake Air Force One’s that I purchased while on holiday about three years ago, they are so painfully obviously  fake that I just cant wear them without facing pure ridicule from my fashionista friends, so it gave me the perfect opportunity to get my glue gun fired up. 

I painted a checkered print over the Nike sign which anyone and their mother can do. I done mine in fabric paints so it would last a little longer but honestly a sharpie will do the same job. I also hot glued some burberry tartan fabric that I managed to get from a charity shop to the front of the shoe to give them that early 2000’s vibe that I am obsessssedddd with at the moment. You can spice up your trainers with anything though! 

What I am trying to get at is that don't be afraid to make some items your own. Get a bit crafty with it! I have always found that my most complimented items are items that I have made myself! But also remember not to beat your self up to much if something you DIY hasn't turned out the way you thought it would, its a game of you win some you lose some, so don't get to stressed with it, have some fun! There is personally nothing I love more then sitting down with my hot glue gun and some old pieces of clothing that I can turn into something new! 



Holy crap on a cracker. IT IS SO FRICKING HOT! I am currently in the shade like dracuala, hiding away from the sunlight. On a plus note I am attending London Pride tomorrow! Super excited to get jigggy all in the name of equality! I am going to take a load of photos and probably do a post about the whole experience on Tuesday, exciting stuff! 


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