Style and Outfit Inspiration Summer 2017 #OOTD // SUMMER 17 #1



Désolé,Ich bedaure,ごめんなさい, etc.

A year.

A whole fricking year I have deserted this blog. A WHOLE  FRICKING YEAR.
There is no excuse for my abandonment. However I will say that I did have a lot going on so blogging was kinda pushed to the back of mind and before I knew it the summer turned into winter which grew into spring and sure enough summer was once again upon me. But now I am back from university for the summer and being back home means copious amounts of free time, so I have decided to dust off my blogger login and get back into blogging!

If you are a returning visiter to my little corner of the internet then WELCOME BACK!!! As you can see I have spruced the place up a bit, there is a new logo and a snazzy new layout! If you haven't been here before, please do NOT read any of my previous posts. They are fucking terrible. Honestly I read back a few the other day and Jesus Christ, what was I thinking?!?!
But anyways, enough thinking about that past. Let us look to the future!

I decided to regenerate my blog by showing you guys my outfit, this is a fashion blog after all. The weather in England has been temperamental (get it??? Like temperature! LOL I am hilarious) one week it is 30 degrees, and then the next day it was hurricane levels of rain and wind!!! But today was a classic British summer time day. 15 degrees with chance of rain. Lovely.

So in order to play it on the safe side I decided to wear an oversized white linen Ralph Lauren shirt teamed up with some red silky pyjama trousers! The shirt is my papa’s and there is something about wearing a white linen shirt that makes you feel like you should be in a 80’s music video. I can see it now… the camera pans up on me standing on the edge of a mountain…  the breeze blowing my hair out slightly while I sing out a heart felt ballad…. No? Just me?

I really need to stop with the puns 

The trousers where an absolute STEAL, I managed to wrangle them from a charity shop for £1.50!! Can you even believe that. I mean, I don't really want to think about the fact that I am wearing someone else’s (probably an old man) sleep wear but I mean £1.50!! I couldn't not buy them!!!!
I added some accessories like a bandana and some hoop earrings to modernise the outfit a bit, I also wore some white superstars to again give the outfit a more urban vibe and to make it look like I didn't actually come out with my PJ’s on.

This outfit is great for running errands as it is super comfy, I mean I was wearing pyjama’s, of course it was comfy! I managed to see my friends, pick up a few bits from town and the best part is I didn’t get the whole leg’s-are-going-to-fall-off feeling that I normally get after I wear skinny jeans for just a tad to long.
Hooray for silky pantaloons!


I really hope this was an adequate post to return with, I am going to try update once every Monday (or Tuesday depending on how rough my weekend was) with a quality post that is well written and well thought out. When reading my older posts, I thought the best way to blog was every day. But everyday blogging produces shitty content so I am going to try and take my time, actually think about what I want to post and maybe even start to proof-read my writing now?!?!?


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